Who Is Dave Chappelle Wife Elaine Chappelle?

Who Is Dave Chappelle Wife Elaine Chappelle? Dave Chappelle is one of the world’s most renowned stand-up comedians, but he couldn’t have done it without the help and support of his wife of 21 years, Elaine Chappelle.

Born on August 24, 1973, in Washington, D.C., United States, David Khari Webber Chappelle is an American stand-up comedian and actor who is known for his satirical comedy sketch series Chappelle’s Show.

The series, co-writing with Neal Brennan, ran until Chappelle quit the show during the middle of the third season.

After the show ended, Chappelle returned to performing stand-up comedy throughout the U.S. in the year 2006, Chappelle received the title of “comic genius of America” by Esquire and, in 2013, “the best” by a Billboard writer.

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In 2017, Rolling Stone ranked him No. 9 on Their “50 Best Stand Up Comics of All Time”.

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His first leading role was in the comedy Half Baked, which he co-wrote along with Neal Brennan. Chappelle was also on The ABC comedy program Buddies in 1996.

Chappelle has appeared in several films, including Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Nutty Professor, Con Air, You’ve Got Mail, Blue Streak, Undercover Brother, Chi-Raq, and A Star Is Born.

In 2016, he signed a $20-million-per-release comedy-special deal with Netflix and released six stand-up specials under the deal.

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Who Is Dave Chappelle Wife Elaine Chappelle?

Elaine Chappelle is the wife of American stand-up comedian and actor, Elaine Chappelle.

She was born as Elaine Mendoza Erfe in Brooklyn on August 31, 1974.

Chappelle owned several houses in Xenia, Ohio. He told Yellow Springs’ residents in September 2006: “Turns out you don’t need $50 million to live around these parts, just a nice smile and a kind way about you. You guys are the best neighbors ever. That’s why I came back and that’s why I’m staying.”

Who Is Dave Chappelle Wife Elaine Chappelle?
Dave Chappelle and wife Elaine Chappelle (Credit: Getty Images)

When did Dave Chappelle get married To Elaine Chappelle?

Chappelle married Elaine Mendoza Erfe in 2001. The couple have two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim, and one daughter, Sanaa, and live on a 65-acre (26 ha) farm near Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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Chappelle converted to Islam in 1991. He told Time in May 2005: “I don’t normally talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is beautiful if you learn it the right way.”

Chappelle appears in a video explaining the religious history of the Well of Zamzam in Mecca.

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