Who Is Leylah Annie Fernandez Father Jorge Fernandez? Photo, Coach, Nationality

Who Is Leylah Annie Fernandez’s Father Jorge Fernandez? Photo, Coach, Nationality, and more.

Who Is Leylah Annie Fernandez Father Jorge Fernandez?

Leylah’s father Jorge Fernandez is a tennis coach and former professional footballer.

Leylah Annie Fernandez Father Coach

Her father Jorge took over duties as her coach when she began her amateur career with no experience in coaching tennis players. After a decade, the gamble appears to have paid off and Leylah’s rise to the top has been described by many as a family affair.

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Leylah Annie Fernandez Father Nationality

Leylah’s father Jorge is originally from Ecuador and lived in the South American country for most of his youth till he moved abroad to pursue his football career and settle in Canada after his playing days were over.

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Her mother Irene is also of Filipino descent, making Leylah’s family a very multicultural household. His father in a recent interview shed a tear as he related their experience as immigrants and used his family as a representation of all that Canada has been about in the last decades.

He remains grateful for the opportunity granted to immigrants in the country and although he states he never likes to get political about the topic of immigration, Jorge who is now Candian reiterates that the country would not have had a talent like Leylah and neither he nor Leylah would have have achieved such feats without the support from Canada.

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