Why Are We Allowing This – Ghanaians Express Shock Following Meek Mill Video Shoot At The Jubilee House

American rapper, Meek Mill has left Ghanaians in a state of shock after he shot a music video for his latest track from the seat of Government, the Jubilee House.

Since his entry into the country, the rapper has been in the news every day always for bad reasons. From the start, the rapper went for a ride with a number of stunt riders on public roads riding with no regard for road safety.

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The latest of his actions has got Ghanaians biting their fingers as the rapper decided to turn the Jubilee House, a place which has and will always be inaccessible to many Ghanaians as his set to shoot a music video.

The rapper shared a reel of the video which is yet to be released and Ghanaians couldn’t believe their eyes seeing the most prestigious building in the country lowered to the ground.

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Taking to the bird app, netizens expressed their discomfort with the whole situation adding that no responsible leader would allow this to happen.

“Meek Mill really shot a music video at Jubilee House? This is the lowest point we can get as a country What happened to “Jubilee House is a security zone” Even American Embassy in Ghana, you can’t take pictures and Ghana. allows Jubilee House to become studio. We are FINISHED,” one user wrote.

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Source: Kingaziz.com