Wo Maame Tw3: Funny Face Hurls Insults On Fadda Dickson, Adebayor, and Borla Ray (Video)

Comedy actor Funny Face has hurled insults at Fadda Dickson for bailing on him, despite knowing him well, after his mother was lying to him.

Funny Face is going through quite a few things and is so down, but it appears that the people he believed would be there for him throughout the day have backed out of him, and he has turned to the internet to pour on them all for abandoning him during his difficult hour.

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The attack of today seems targeted at Fadda Dickson most for not believing in the lies told by his baby mama Vanessa and her mother, and after that bailing out by refusing to assist him after he was involved in an accident and called for help.

Based on Funny Face, Fadda Dickson would have attended the funeral and donated huge sums of money, since everyone knows they’re extremely close had he died in the crash, however, he later bailed out him due to his newborn mama.

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Funny Face also insulted his extremely dear friend Adebayo for not following the latter via Instagram even though he had given him a chance and been with him for over 11 years, and decided to not follow the account. He also ridiculed Bola Ray for firing his account from Kasapa FM, despite having known Bola Ray.

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Funny Face seems to be so irritated by these small things that we think Fadda Dickson, Adebayor as well as Borla Ray were hoping it would aid in his return to his feet, and now he’s hurling on them all for letting him be with his troubles.

Watch the video below;

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com