Yaa Jackson Is Training You Well – Shocked Fans React As Maame Serwaa Flaunts Her New Tattoo On Her Heavy Chest

Fans in shocked as they reacted to a new trending photo of Maame Serwaa flaunting her new tattoo on her heavy chest, with some saying Yaa Jackson is training her well.

Maame Serwaa was the last person we’d have expected to get a tattoo, but she’s got a new one on her body, which was spotted on the internet.

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A photo of her appeared online where she tried to cover the tattoo, but it appeared to be visible.

The Kumawood actress tattoo is on her huge God-given chest, and her dress hides the tattoo.

A small portion of the tattoo was visible under the dress.

Maame Serwaa
Maame Serwaa

People are truly shocked to see that it came from Maame Serwaa and not any other celebrity.

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Social media users have said that Yaa Jackson is likely to have been a mentor to her and has been teaching her the dark side of.

Blogger Mari Gyata was the one who shared the image and raised the question.

She wrote: “Area mama also got a tattoo I never knew. Antie Yaa is training you well well😁 very soon the piercing and weekend travel go begin,

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However, other social media users disagreed.

One claimed Maame Serwaa even got her tattoo way before Yaa Jackson did.

Check out the photo below;


Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com