Yawa As Fake Rolex Watch Busters Expose Medikal For Rocking A Fake Rolex Watch

Popular AMG Member and Ghanaian Rapper, Medikal is known for flaunting stuffs her purchase. He recently made the news when after flaunting his expensive necklace which he claims is worth a whopping $45,000.

Medikal was busted yesterday by a Popular Instagram page aimed at exposing Celebrities who rock fake wrist watchers.

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The page revealed that Medikal’s watch doesn’t have certain features that an original Rolex watch has.The page Identified as Munichwristbusters wrote;

@amgmedikal With a fake Rolex Datejust. His watch is far too high for an original Datejust. In addition, the bezel is clearly too wide and the notches are far too pronounced. The crown of the watch is not in no way similar to that of an original one.

Source: Kingaziz.com