Yazmin Oukhellou Was Arguing With Late Jake McLean Before Horror Car Crash In Turkey, His Mums Claims

Anita Walsh, mother of the late Jake McLean has pointed out to prosecutors investigating the circumstances surrounding her son’s accident to count in chances that Yazmin Oukhellou was arguing with him during the ride.

According to Anita Walsh, her 33-year-old son is skilled enough to have lost control of the car leading to his death.

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“She has told us he may have been arguing with Yazmin, which caused the car to crash. She is very shocked and upset about what has happened,” a source from the Bodrum prosecutor’s office said.

Reports also suggest that the couple were seen arguing outside a club in Turkey shortly before the horrific crash.

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As reported earlier, Jake and Yazmin were in a Mercedes Benz saloon car when Jake who was driving at the time, lost control of the vehicle, went off a cliff, and then crashed into a ditch killing him at the scene despite efforts by emergency responders to revive him.

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Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com