24-Year-Old Man Marries 64-Year-Old Granny (Photos&Video)

Age is just a number, goes a popular axiom but in the case of these two lovebirds, we don’t think the basis of this saying is applicable here judging from the gulf of disparity in their ages.

We are talking about Quran McCain, 24 who just engaged to his 64-year-old lover, Cheryl McGregor.

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Cheryl and Quran from Rome, Georgia, United States took to Instagram to announce their engagement.

Their romance has generated so much buzz as people are finding it hard to believe the union is bonded by love.

The couple also shared a video on TikTok showing the moment McCain got down on his knee inside a restaurant to propose to Cheryl.

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The video was captioned thus; “She said yes. You make me a simp but I love you and it’s nothing but forward from here.”

Source: Kingaziz.com