Actress Moyo Lawal Reacts To Rumors Of Sleeping With Rich Men To Fund Her Lifestyle

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has come out against claims that she’s been engaging in $exy relationships with wealthy men in order to finance the extravagant lifestyle she boasts about through social networks.

A blogger yesterday published a Gist fact that Moyo Lawal, Jackie Appiah, and another Nigerian actress are cosying up to an influential leader who hails from the North in Nageria.

Moyo Lawal stated in a video that was posted on her Instagram page in the early hours of Wednesday that she could have brushed off the rumors like she has always done, but decided it was about time to end the lies that were being told about her.

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The actress has stated that she is single, however she has not traded her body for cash or other material gains.

In order to sound like a convincing character, the curvaceous actress admitted that she is contacted by a variety of offers every day, but her the hormonal compass doesn’t allow her to see the other side of life.

She stated that she will reject all s*x and money offers from wealthy men, because she is pure of heart.

Moyo has said that those who have come across her over her time as an actress and entrepreneur are aware of how strict she is regarding relationships.

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Made way too many sacrifices to let this rubbish go in silence and said no to too many hawt toasters ask about me. Just so we are clear, I am single, hence at liberty to do anything I want but please let us STICK to the truth,” she wrote.

“I can beat my chest anywhere that I have been better behaved (and it has not been easy, I have had years where I abstained completely you think with that kind of self control , I still won’t have sense??? ) than most regular girls and even some married women.”

“Love and Light #ML. p.s swipe. Soon I will tell you people why this started in the first place but first, I want to go and make my Eba first #moyobaby.

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The idea that movie stars exchange their bodies in exchange to earn money is a myth that was once common.

There’s a huge list of famous people who are believed to be in a relationship with one man of wealth or another in order to pay for their solitary lives, particularly the ones with big backs and a curvaceous body.

It’s not that the stories are true, but not all celebs are involved in the “body trade’.