Adele Roberts Reveals She’s Undergoing Anal Surgery In Cancer Recovery Update

British broadcaster and reality TV personality, Adele Roberts has revealed that she will be undergoing anal surgery in her cancer recovery update.

Eight months after the 43-year-old Roberts joyfully said she was cancer-free in June 2022, Adele Robert will be going under the knife for anal surgery.

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On Monday morning, while it was still dark outside, the BBC radio DJ and her partner Katie were walking to their car when she asked her followers to “keep their fingers crossed” for her and described in detail what would happen.

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“Morning everyone. Just walking to go and pick up the car that I’ve left charging. We’re on the way to the hospital today to have my anal dilation party. The bum’s getting reconnected,” she told her fans.

Adele Roberts
Picture Credit: Instagram/adelerobert

“Well, it’s not. It can’t get reconnected at the moment because it’s not open, it’s not working. So today is the operation where I think they’re gonna do a balloon or something like that to try and get things moving again and get things open,” she added.

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Adele Roberts ended 2022 on a very high note feeling “lucky and grateful” for her life after winning her battle against bowel cancer.