Despite The Criticism I Am Still Number One – Wendy Shay Brags

Sensational Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay has bragged that despite the countless and continuous criticism, she has still been able to sail through to become the best in her field.

Wendy Shay since her debut has received a lot of backlash owing to her choice of words for her lyrics which are always profane-looking. However, the hitmaker believes she still got love on the street.

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Wendy Shay

According to Wendy Shay, she has the most streams on streaming platforms like Boomplay despite the insult and hatred she receives on social media.

“Because if you, I am number 1 on Boomplay. That’s the reason I did this show. Forget social media hate, you people are the real fans. We used four days to organize this show.”

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She went on to explain that anyone who thinks her Shay Concert saw a massive audience just because it was free should try organizing their own concert and see if they get a comparable turnout.