Adu Sarfowaa

Adu Sarfowaa Reportedly Arrested

According to popular blogger Cutie Juls, Adu Sarfowaa was arrested by a man called Chris. According to the blogger, Mr. Chris got Adu Sarfowaa arrested after she made reference to the man when she was hailing insults at female comedian Afia Schwarzenegger.

Adu Sarfowaa took to her Instagram page and alleged that Afia Schwar has HIV/AIDS and Gonorrhoea. She wrote on her page…

“Motia @queenafiaschwarzenegger, Nsuo ba @queenafiaschwarzenegger. Is ur HIV AIDS gonorhea drugs Finished?

“Do you remember what u told OLU RICH MAN so many years ago? That I Adu Safowaah LOOK LIKE at u as AN ANIMAL 🦒? Exactly as it is always …. did u realize I never gave u recognition as a HUMAN being? I placed u where u are FROM DAY ONE I set eyes on u…. Guinness book of RECORD has not deleted your record oooo… u are the most UGLIEST CREATURE TO EXIST. Tia si wuo @queenafiaschwarzenegger

… This is not ABOOZIGI OOO, this is pinzo game …. hahaha WRITE THIS DOWN… I will beat you💪💪💪💪. Get ready”.

This is the post Adu Sarfowaa shared on her post which is said to have caused her arrest. Blogger Cutie Juls has taken to her page to share the reason why Adu Sarfowaa was arrested.

The blogger wrote, “Just In:- Information reaching us from the Ghana police states that Ghana’s Adu Safowaa was arrested by on Mr. Chris [behind] for alleging that the said Chris is HIV/AIDS positive and also alleged that the said Chris told her that Afia Schwar is HIV positive.

So Mr. Chris on hearing the allegations leveled against him by Miss Adu Safowaa got her arrested for what according to him, everything Miss Adu Safowaa said was all false.