Amber Gill

Amber Fill Puts Her Curvy Posterior On Display In A Skimpy Black Thongs Bikini

Amber Gill has given fans the chance to take a sneak peek at her curvy posterior once more as she poses in a black thong bikini for a racy snap.

Amber Gill
Picture Credit: WireImage

The Love Island star put her curve derrière on display for a sexy snap during her trip on Monday as she posed for the camera while enjoying a cozy pool in the sunset.

amber gill

She beamed back at the camera as she flaunted her enormous assets while flaunting her stunning proportions in the string two-piece. Amber chose a natural makeup look to highlight her attractive features and accessorized with modest gold earrings and a top knot for her curly hair.

Amber recently revealed that she lost herself to a difficult mental health battle after she gained fame and resorted to seeing validation on social media.

“Before I went in, I wasn’t in a very good mental headspace and that was the tipping scale on whether I should do it or not. I’m so glad I did because it kick-started me getting into a better headspace. I believe in myself to the very end to do everything, but before this experience, I really lost that and I lost my way a little bit…”