Amber Heard’s Insurance Company Refuses To Pay For Judgment

Amber Heard wants her insurance company to pay for a portion of the judgment Johnny Depp obtained against her, but the insurance company is telling her to pound sand due because of her own actions against her ex-husband.

Amber held an insurance coverage with New York Marine and General Insurance Co. for $1 million in liability which also covers defamation in  a list of wrongdoings, however, there is an exception.

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Credit: Pool Efe

The insurance coverage is governed by California law, and according to California law, an insurance company is not liable if the insured (Amber) engaged in wrongful, “WILLFUL” misbehavior. According to New York Marine, the jury found that Amber intentionally and maliciously slandered Depp.

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The insurance provider is asking the judge to rule that it is not obligated to cover some of Amber’s expenses in light of the policy and the law. While a million dollars may seem like a lot, Amber is supposed to pay more than $8.3 million to his ex-husband in compensatory damages.

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