Chris Brown Under Investigation For Beating Up A Woman Again

Christopher Maurice Brown is under investigation after a woman allegedly reported him to the police for beating her up.

The alleged victim told the cops that the American singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer and actor smacked the back of her head so hard her weave came off!!!

According to TMZ, police responded to the 32-year-old famous R&B singer who was born in Tappahannock, Virginia, San Fernando Valley home over the weekend, where a woman claimed Chris Breezy slapped her.

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A report from TMZ reads:

We’re told the woman claimed the slap made part of her weave come out, and police took a battery report and named Chris as the suspect.

Our sources say the alleged victim had no injuries, aside from the allegedly dislodged weave, and no arrests have been made.

It’s the second time in as many months cops were called to Chris’ pad, the first being his massive birthday bash in May, which LAPD broke up early in the AM.

We reached out to Chris’ camp about the latest incident so far, radio silence.

Our sources say the battery case will most likely be kicked to the City Attorney, as it would be a misdemeanour charge, if anything at all.”

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