Andreas Brehme Parents and Siblings: Meet Mrs. and Bernd Brehme

The football community mourns the loss of German football icon Andreas Brehme, who passed away at 63 due to a cardiac arrest on Monday night.

His death comes shortly after the passing of Franz Beckenbauer, coach of the 1990 World Cup-winning team, at the age of 78.

Andreas Brehme Parents and Siblings: Meet Mrs. and Bernd Brehme

Andreas Brehme, born on November 9, 1960, in Hamburg, Germany, was the son of Bernd Brehme and Mrs. Brehme. There is limited information available about his family beyond their names, and there are no indications suggesting that Andreas had any siblings.

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Andreas Brehme, born in Hamburg, began his football journey with the local club HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst. He then played for 1. FC Kaiserslautern from 1981 to 1986, followed by a stint at Bayern Munich where he contributed to winning the Bundesliga in 1987.

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Moving to Italy, Brehme joined Inter Milan from 1988 to 1992, achieving success in Serie A in 1989 and securing the UEFA Cup in 1991 alongside fellow German players Lothar Matthäus and Jürgen Klinsmann.

After a season with Real Zaragoza in La Liga, Brehme returned to Germany in 1993 to reunite with Kaiserslautern. Despite facing relegation in 1996, Brehme stayed with the team, aiding in their immediate promotion back to the top tier and eventually clinching the Bundesliga title in 1998. With a total of 301 matches played, Brehme concluded his illustrious playing career.

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Renowned for his decisive late penalty in the 1990 World Cup final against Argentina, Brehme left an indelible mark on both the international and club football scenes, leaving behind a legacy of excellence.