Angry Wife Burns Brand New Mercedes Benz Her Husband Bought For His Side Chic (Video)

A drama on Thursday night saw a jilted wife going berserk and setting ablaze the Mercedes Benz her husband’s side chic received as a gift.

The angry wife taught her husband’s side chick the lesson of her life when she angrily burnt to ashes the Mercedes Benz her husband reportedly bought for her.

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According to information shared on Twitter, the jilted wife accosted her husband’s side chick identified as Vicky Genevieve along Valley Road in Nairobi and set ablaze the expensive car, reducing it to ashes.

Vicky, the alleged side chick, runs a bar in Nairobi West. The aggrieved wife discovered that she has been milking her husband dry, leading to an ugly confrontation.

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Watch the video below;


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