Bethany Rogers Reveales Drug Addiction Hell After She Was Sent Away From Love Island

Ex-Love Island, Bethany Rogers has described her life after her appearance on Love Island with her drug use and abusive relationship hell.

Rogers, 27, appeared on the dating show in 2015 where she was portrayed as an aggressive woman following her altercation with a fellow female contestant before the start of the show.

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She has accused the producers of pushing contestants very hard till they explode “stir the pot” and “fit the narrative”.

She added that she discovered masses of abusive messages from fans of the show on social media after she was taken off about 10 days after the show started.

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Image Credit: Love Island

“There was so much trolling and malicious remarks, even death threats. I was literally shocked when I watched the show and saw how I’d been portrayed. They’d made me out to be so aggressive. Even old school friends who I hadn’t spoke to in years, or people I didn’t even know, were writing detrimental things about me that affected my mental health,” Bethany said to The Sun.

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