Beverly Afaglo’s Manager Angrily Slams Critics Over Appeal For Funds

Beverly Afaglo has been slammed on social media following her appeal for funds from the public following the recent outbreak that razed down her house a few days ago.

The tragedy that befell the actress a few days ago consumed most of her valuables that includes her passport, jewelries, wigs, clothes and other things. The fire also consumed that of her kids and nanny as well.

Following the unfortunate incident, her management dropped a fundraising detail to anyone who would like to donate to the actress in order to regain what she has lost in the fire outbreak.

The motive received some backlashes from Ghanaians following a video that went viral which has the actress bragging about her inheritance and wealth to Ghanaians.

In reaction to the attacks on social media against the movement, the manager of Beverly Afaglo has lambasted bloggers who have taken advantage of the opportunity to rain insults on the actress for no reason.

Read the full post below:

These real good people who chose to support are being referred to as” Crazy” by one blogger who only pries on people’s downfall to having content. Shm.

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As I was saying, a lot of people who called prayed for her situation, others insisted on supporting her and they are asking how. I discussed that with her and she said ‘no’! She has her family so she will be fine.
She was willing to rely only on her family and balance to bounce back even if it takes a while.

I had to inform her family about people wanting a way to support her. Plus, we got a screenshot of scammers posting a MoMo support number even when we had not officially announced one. All these included, we decided to accept support from the public.

After all even the ocean accepts rainwater when it comes.

Beverly is human, she is not filthy rich and she never claims to be. She was comfortable and yes she was not broke! And not being broke does not denote being filthy rich unless a writer had an ulterior motive. Get it clear, Until the fire that exhumed everything Beverly was never broke, she was comfortable just like her siblings. She hustles hard for her money with her husband doing his part.

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She mentioned Yvonne Nelson’s plan to set up a Gofundme and she wasn’t sure if she wanted that. I am guessing she had in mind what some mindless storyless directionless bloggers, and some of you heartless derogatory social media commenters; can do. I told her to let it because what she had lost was a great deal. When we “say” she lost ”everything” we mean everything.

Her office running B.A.B handyman had only documents kept there. Everything else about her business was at home- including products we had just restocked for @celebrityhall shop and other materials and equipment for her new sharwama business we intended to roll out soon. Goods shipped into the country which was stored in two empty big rooms for our go-big plan in 2022 were all lost in the fire. A great percentage of her investment we liquified for a big move. Have a tenth look at the flames if you find the video and you will see it was not an empty house blazing.

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See! I am talking too much. Any other person in her shoes will probably give up on this life but here she is firm after crying for a few hours.

I believe she needs the support if she plans to get back on her feet sooner. If not; as she had wanted; it may take a little while but she will bounce back regardless.

LEAVE BEVERLY ALONE!, we are not asking for your money you derogatory commenters. we have not held anyone at gunpoint to donate to us, YOU HAVE A CHOICE to donate or not. We simply opened up for the real good people who insisted. If you won’t support keep your money. We wish you the best. And just maybe if some of you have a problem with her and want to drag her name into mud, at least have some decency and leave her family out of it.

Abu Iddris
Beverly Afaglo’s Manager