Britney Spears Ex-Husband Facing Charges For Alleged Bracelet Theft

First husband of sensational singer Britney Spears, Jason Alexander has found himself in trouble again as he faces felony charges for an alleged bracelet theft.

According to the Napa County Sheriff in a report by TMZ, Jason has been charged with two felonies after being arrested pursuant to an earlier 2016 arrest warrant related to an alleged jewelry theft.

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jason alexander
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Reports suggest that Jason was picked up Tuesday from Ventura County jail by Napa officials after serving a 60-day sentence for interrupting Britney’s wedding. He is accused of grand theft and purchasing/receiving stolen stuff.

When he was caught in June during Britney’s wedding, Jason was wanted for a felony in Napa County. Police in Napa claims that in 2015, while Jason was a house guest, he stole a $2,000 bracelet from a local woman.

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The homeowner claims that she noticed the jewelry missing from her bedroom after Jason had stayed in the house for a few weeks. Police officials also confirmed that Jason had admitted to stealing and pawning off her diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet which is valued at $2,000.

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