Alcohol Is Definitely My Poison – Jordi Gordon Talks About Her Battle With Booze

Jordi Gordon has revealed that she is battling alcohol abuse and depression. The former ‘Neighbours’ said she has just completed a 30-day immersion therapy at an exclusive clinic to help battle her addiction.

“Alcohol is definitely my poison. I’ve chased this illusion that I can drink like a normal person for far too long,” Jordi told the Stellar Magazine on Saturday.

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She added that her addiction went out of control while she was shooting Neighbours.

Jordi Gordon – Instagram

“It got really bad when I was doing Neighbours. In my industry, I think there’s a lot of keeping up with appearances. I was trying to present something beyond [what] I could pretend to control, trying to do my best, but just sinking.”

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She also revealed that she had been suffering from depression until her recent decision to go in for rehab.

“I’d been in this really dark place of depression on and off over the years. But the place that I was in before I went into rehab was a really dark place,”

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