Dame Deborah James Is Looking Stunning At Royal Ascot

Even in her last days, Dame Deborah James is still having all the fun she can imagine as she was seen yesterday at the Royal Ascot after revealing that she is surprised to be alive.

Dame Deborah James who is currently in hospice care in her parent’s house after her bowel cancer was declared terminal was spotted with her brother Benjamin James at the star-studded event with a mission to work herself through every cocktail she could find while waiting for her time to catch up with her.

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The 40-year-old journalist looked stunning as she posed in her wheelchair. donning a black and white polka-dotted dress with a frilled white-collar complemented with a straw sun hat.

Picture Credit: Getty Images

Dame Deborah James earlier this month said that she is surprised to be alive adding that her sense of purpose keeps her going.

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“I’m taking life day by day and just continuing to feel blessed to have another day knowing that my time is limited… At the same time, if truth be told, I’ve already outlived, yet again, what I was told when I was sent home from the hospital. Even I’m a bit surprised. But I think it’s having that sense of purpose, getting involved, continuing with the campaigning which is keeping me going

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Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com