Ezra Miller Deletes Instagram Amidst Allegation Of Taunting Authorities

American actor, Ezra Miller, who identifies as ‘they’ has deleted their Instagram after reports suggested that they were taunting police on social media.

Ezra Miller posted several memes on social media which have been interpreted by many as a message to the police with some of the memes saying, “You cannot touch me, I am in another universe”, even though the memes could be a reference to the upcoming The Flash movie where Ezra plays the role of Barry Allen.

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Ezra Miller

Picture Credit: FilmMagicEither way, Miller is not as untouchable as portrayed in the memes looking at the charges against him for grooming an 18-year-old girl when she was only 12 years old through violence and intimidation.

According to TMZ, the parents of Tokata Iron Eyes (the girl in question) have filed legal documents to the court for a protection order to keep Ezra Miller from their daughter at least till the end of the case.

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Source: Kingaziz.com


Source: Kingaziz.com