Does Johnny Depp Have To Pay Amber?

A jury has found both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to be liable for defamation in their lawsuits against each other. The jury awarded substantially more damages to Depp and was a victory for the actor.

Depp sued his ex-wife, Heard, for a defamation over an op-ed she wrote in 2018 to The Washington Post in which she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

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Johnny Depp
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Although Depp was not mentioned in the report, he claims that the incident caused him to lose lucrative acting roles. Heard counter-sued Depp for defamation based on statements her lawyer made regarding the allegations of abuse she made.

Amber Heard
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The jury determined that Heard defamed Depp in three separate statements within The Washington Post piece, and Depp defamed Heard with one statement his lawyer made.

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Does Johnny Depp Have To Pay Amber?

Yes, Depp has to also pay Amber because he defamed her with one statement his lawyer made.

Amber Heard was found liable for defaming Johnny Depp in an op-ed published in the Washington Post, and Depp was found liable for a statement his attorney made to the Daily Mail calling her claims a hoax, a jury decided Wednesday.

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Jurors awarded Depp a total of $15 million in damages.

The jury also awarded $2 million in compensatory damages to Heard, but $0 in punitive damages.