Drama As 16-Year-Old Boy Beats Pastor For Grabbing His Girlfriend’s Backside

According to what we found during our routine prowling on the internet, a teenager beat the living daylight out of a pastor for grabbing the backside of his girlfriend. The pastor allegedly grabbed and squeezed the backside of a girl, and her boyfriend who is said to be 16 years old sprung into a spontaneous defense.

The Twitter used who shared the story wrote; ”Anyway one 16 year old on my street beat the shit out of a pastor this morning because the pastor grabbed his babe’s ass. This generation will heal the world Nah fr I need to buy something for this child and tell him how legendary he is. I hope his parents are supportive abeg.”

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Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman based in the United States of America has explained on Twitter why it’s better to remain in Nigeria than going abroad for greener pastures. Some people think to make it in life, the chaotic system in Nigeria will stifle that.

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To this end, a lot of people firmly believe to make it in life is to relocate abroad where the system works better and ensures once progress in a relatively short period. However, this Nigerian lady residing in the United States believes Nigeria is better than foreign countries.

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According to the lady with Twitter handle @Queenarikeade living in Nigeria is better than living abroad because the monetary equivalent of naira in those countries cannot get the same amount of food or other essential items.

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Source: Kingaziz.com