Elon Musk Causes Some Stir In NYC With His Cyber Truck (Video)

The people of New York City last night saw a brand new Cyber truck running around the city of which it was later revealed that it was billionaire Elon Musk who was behind the wheels.

The car through a couple of videos sighted on social media seems to get the attention of many people around both in their cars and on the streets as Telsa boss was driving through the busy streets of the ‘Big Apple’ last night.

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The Cyber truck is one car that affirms the emerging supremacy of electric cars in the automobile industry as it was designed and manufactured by the Telsa company. The truck is manufactured in 3 fond and the least price to own a Telsa Cyber truck in the United States comes at a cost of $39,900.

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The car after it was launched by the company was met with a lot of criticisms as many quizzed why the car is not having a ‘side driving mirror’.

Watch Elon Musk below as he drives through the streets of New York City in his Cyber truck;

Elon Musk was once the world’s richest man when his company’s electric manufactured cars hit the market last year until he was overthrown from the number one spot by colleague billionaire Jeff Bezos couple of months ago.

He in March 2021 revealed that customers in the United States who intend to buy Telsa’s vehicle with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can do so without the company converting the paid Bitcoin amount into fiat currency.

Source: Kingaziz.com