Prince Harry’s Underwear From Naked Las Vegas Party Scores $250k Bid

The auction of Prince Harry’s strip billiards game underwear has scored a bid of $250k — a quarter of a million bucks.

Following the 10-year anniversary of Harry’s wild night in Vegas, the bidding began on Thursday, and former dancer Carrie Royale delivered the goods: the Prince’s black underwear from that famous evening in a high roller’s suite.

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prince harry underwear
Picture Credit: Ira Kuzma

Within minutes, the bidding had skyrocketed from $10,000 to $16,000. Shortly after a strip club owner from San Diego made a call-in bet of $250,000. When the high bid was accepted, Carrie, wearing a black cocktail dress, and a few other exotic dancers can be seen on video going bonkers.

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Carrie Royale
Picture Credit: Ira Kuzma

According to the bidder, Dino, he intends to create a shrine for the pair of undies if he wins the auction. Carrie also explained that she believes the winning bid could go much higher up to a million dollars.

The online bidding will continue to remain active and receive bidding until the end of September this year or when someone bids a million dollars for the underwear.

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