Fans Are Scared As No Makeup Bobrisky Video With Full Beard And Acne Riddled Face Pops Up

Every once in a while we get an insight into the real look and appearance of Okuneye Idris, well known as Bobrisky.

The king or queen of marketing and branding online, Bobrisky, does very well to keep her real appearance away from us, and provides us with the purest version of her life.

Every time an unapproved photo or video of Bob is posted online, and the reality set in again.

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Bobrisky is aware of this, which is why she is so scared when she’s out in public, and why fans attempt to snap photos or videos of her without her permission.

In actual fact, Bobrisky is on record as saying that you should not capture a picture of him without an extremely high-quality iPhone.

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So, you can be sure that when these images or videos of Bob appears it will be a hit.

A new video of Bobrisky has surfaced on the internet and is actually scaring fans on the internet.

The video features Bob with his makeup ruined which exposes his face.

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This video captures him when the day begins for him with an acne-ridden face and a full beard.

That’s the kind of aspects Bobrisky is hiding under her thick clay makeup and posting most stunning photos every single day.

Again, we receive an obvious warning to not always believe everything you read on social media.