If You Unfollow Me I Support You With A Block – Bobrisky Warns

Crossdresser Bobrisky has warned her friends planning to unfollow her on Instagram that she will support them with a block from her page.

Bobrisky in a post warned her friends who wish to unfollow her on Instagram that she doesn’t have time for anyone hence if you unfollow her, she will support you with a block to help you achieve your aim of unfollowing her.

According to her, anyone who does the mistake to unfollow her on Instagram will be blocked by her if only she sees that you have unfollowed her to help or support your reason for unfollowing him to come to pass.


Bobrisky herself has been unfollowing some of her friends who are no longer friends with her anymore but now has turned the table around to warn those who will unfollow her in the future of what she will do to support them.

This implies that Bobrisky is ready to block anyone who unfollows her on Instagram even if it’s by mistake saying she doesn’t have time for anything and that is the only thing she can do to support anyone who unfollows her.

screenshot below;