Former Disney Channel Star Stoney Westmoreland Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Underage Sex Case

Six months after Stoney Westmoreland was charged with multiple felonies for trying to engage a 13-year-old boy in sexual activities, Stoney has gotten a plea deal to spend 24 months in prison.

The Disney star, who had been fired some time ago, was sentenced to spend the next two years of his life behind bars and 10 years of supervised release for enticing a minor into sex.

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Stoney then went on to strike a plea deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of using interstate facilities to transmit information about the minor.

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Stoney as part of the plea deal must cooperate with DNA collection and register as a sex offender.

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His devices will also be subject to random inspection and search. The 52-year-old will also regularly report all his accounts, including email and social media.

Stoney has also been barred from calling individuals under the age of 18 without any adult supervision.

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