Wisa Greid

Fraud Is Good, Never Quit, Make Some Money With It And Buy Houses – Wisa Greid To Fraud Boys

Celebrated Ghanaian musician Wisa Greid who recently tied the knot with his long time girlfriend has admitted that he used to be a fraud boy.

Recounting some of his fraud days he revealed that he used to fraud while he was in Senior High School but it wasn’t backed by any ‘juju’ as some people do.

When asked whether he regrets being into fraud he noted that he doesn’t regret it one bit because it was his source of livelihood at the time and so he doesn’t see anything wrong in trying to make money for himself.

He encouraged all those into fraud not to quit because those who criticize it will take money from those into it when given the opportunity.

He added that fraud is good so fraud boys must continue to make more money and buy houses as well as cars.

Watch the video below;