Ghanaian Bolt Driver Celebrated For Returning An iPhone 11 Pro Max He Found In His Car

A Ghanaian Bolt driver identified as Isaac Donkor is being celebrated by a Facebook user after he returned an iPhone 11 Pro Max he found in his car.

This was revealed by one Kofi Gbedemah on Facebook who narrated that his sisters chartered the Bolt driver to Tudu around 4 AM on Saturday but unfortunately, one of them left her iPhone 11 Pro Max at the backseat of the car.

They called the phone and Isaac picked and assured them that he will return the phone. Thinking he was lying, Isaac drove all the way to Dansoman to deliver the phone to its owner.

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According to Kofi, Isaac refused to take any form of reward. They tried to even give him money for fuel and the trip, Isaac refused to take any of them.

Read the full post below:

This dude right here is Isaac Donkor.
One of the many heroes doing an honest day’s work as a #Bolt driver.

Emphasis on ‘honest’
This past Saturday, he dropped my sisters, Jewel Akusika Sedziafa, and Linda Emefa Attianah off at Tudu at around 4AM ..

Unknown to Jewel, she had left her iPhone 11 Pro max on the backseat of his car.

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When she frantically called the phone, Isaac calmly answered the call, and assured her he would return it. …

Now heres the catch:
He drove back to Dansoman to return the phone, and despite making that out of budget trip, brotherman refused to take money for FUEL!!!

Not a reward ooooo. Nope! FUEL!! He turned down even GhC50 for that trip to return the phone that was left in his vehicle.

He refused
An iPhone 11 pro max…

You people know I don’t know iPhone inside, but me, when I hear “Pro Max” at least I know say e dey cost small . Mama Joan is Wifey Pro Max, so I know what I am talking about. Ok. ..

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Every day we rant and complain about the hoodlums, the snakes, the conmen, hooligans and ruffians who have inundated our once upon a time tranquil country, Ghana ..

It is only appropriate we celebrate those who insist on maintaining that enviable description of Ghana we used to have.

Isaac, may you remain blessed for all time, and you certainly shall, because karma isn’t always a bitch.

She can also be a very warm, voluptuous and generous benefactor as well..

See the screenshot below: