Girlfriends Of Two Men Who Are Close Friends Exchange Blows At A Mall (Video)

A video captures the moment two ladies ‘dirtied’ each other in an open fight. They are said to be the girlfriends of two close friends known as Lateef and Bobo.

We have no idea what started the fight but it looks as though the girls wanted to kill each other as the duel looked fierce. It took onlookers a tough time before separating them.

In other news, another man has been grossly embarrassed on the tangent of the conventional pulling of a ring and asking a woman for a long-term commitment publicly.

This practice has been condemned by a lot of people who argue that a man kneeling in front of a lady and proposing to her is alien to the African culture and despite the way a lot of women turn the script upside down unlike what we see in the foreign movies, that has done little to deter ‘lover-men’ from proposing publicly.

The man who this report revolves around, probably thought a crowdy marketplace with all the contrasting themes it emanates is the best place to propose to his woman. Unfortunately, the lady rejected his proposal.

In a video making the rounds online, the man could be seen on his knees asking for her hand in marriage as onlookers urged her to say yes. To add insult to injury, the unidentified lady said although she loves him, she can’t marry him because his ”thing” is too small.

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