Mercy Johnson’s Kids Wondering Why Everyone Laughs The Moment They See Her

The kids of actress Mercy Johnson seem to be in a dilemma as they wonder why everyone starts laughing the moment they see their mother.

Mercy Johnson sharing a video with her daughter Angel who behaves exactly like her said her kids have been asking her why everyone starts laughing the moment they see her even when she does nothing funny.

This is a very good question that Mercy Johnson won’t be able to explain herself to her kids over why people love her so much that everyone starts laughing even with her mere presence which marvels them a lot since they have no idea what it’s all about.

Being loved by a lot of people because of what you do is a blessing a lot of people wish for and now that seems to put the kids of Mercy Johnson in a dilemma as they seem not to understand the kind of love people have for their mother that make them laugh always around her.

Mercy Johnson herself seems speechless with the kind of question from her kids as her reaction in the caption of her video shows she knows not how to explain to her kids the kind of love that people have for her that makes them laugh with her around.

Just like Don Jazzy, with Mercy Johson around, there wouldn’t be any dull moments and that is one thing a lot of people love about her and that seems to be what her kids don’t understand and make them wonder why it is like that.

Video below;