Guy In Trouble As Lady He Knacked And Fail To Pay Grabs Him On The Street (Video)

A gentleman has found himself in a big trouble after lady he reportedly refuse to pay after service disgrace him on the street.

It’s no more a secret that most ladies sleep with men for money, in fact the sole aim of Some ladies giving attention to this relationship issues is simply because they want money in return.

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Some guys are also just too stubborn when it comes to paying these ladies after their service, and that seems to be the problem between one beautiful lady and a guy.

In a video that is fast making rounds online, the lady can be seen holding the guy in some aggressive manner on a Main Street, raising concerns about what exactly could lead to such public disgrace.

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But the caption of the one who shared the video gave a clear hint that the street misunderstanding came as a result of the guy’s inability to pay for sexual service rendered by the lady.