Lady, 22, Falls In Love With 76-Yr-Old Man She Met In Church; Says People’s Negative Comments Won’t Change Her Mind

A young woman who is to the point of infatuation with an elderly man has launched a tirade at those who aren’t convinced and said that their criticisms won’t alter her opinion.

While the woman is only 22 years old, her love interest, David, is 76-years old enough to be her grandfather.

YouTube channel AfriMax has put the spotlight on the couple and their weird union in its most recent content posted online.

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The couple shared that they had a meeting at church a couple of years ago, and they became lovers. They’ve been together for the past four years.

It was revealed that David served as an intercessor at the church. He always prayed to God to grant him an ally. One day, Claudine appeared, and a voice appeared from the distance and informed him that ‘this is your suitable partner’.

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He has never been married before, and spends the majority of his time at church sharing the gospel.

“I prayed and fasted,” he said. In her account, the young woman said that after meeting, she had no idea they would be in love, as she had always considered him as a father.

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Claudine admitted that they were both disregarded for their age differences, however, that didn’t alter her feelings for him.