Hajia4Real Allegedly Mentions Nhyiraba Kojo’s Name As Her Partner In Crime

According to reports received by Kingaziz.com, Ghanaian socialite and musician, Hajia4real, has reportedly disclosed the identities of her accomplices to the American authorities.

Initial speculation suggested that dancehall artist, Shatta Wale, was among those involved, but a recent update indicates otherwise. A source clarified that Shatta Wale is not implicated in Hajia4Real’s case and remains innocent.

The situation for Hajia4Real apparently became dire, prompting her to either reveal her partners in crime or face a lengthy prison sentence of 20 years or more. Allegedly, she opted to cooperate, leading to the disclosure of five individuals involved, including Ghanaian musician Nhyiraba Kojo.

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According to the source, Hajia4Real’s cooperation resulted in a five-year sentence for her first case. However, there are reportedly six cases against her in total, each potentially carrying a five-year term, which could amount to a total of 20 years in jail. Investigations are ongoing into the remaining five cases.

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“The musician Hajia4Real mentioned his name is Nhyiraba Kojo. The information I have gotten from the American headquarters is that Hajia4Real mentioned Nhyiraba Kojo’s name. They said there were 5 people Hajia4Real snitched because they decided to send her to trials and she said no she would rather snitch. She will say everything she knows. That is why they gave her 5 years. That 5 years is the first case. It is her first case. The cases against her are 6 in total, so if she is to get 5 years for each she would be going to jail for like 20 years. So, if she is sent to prison for 5 years for her first case, they will still be investigating into his other 5 remaining cases”, the source said.

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Meanwhile, there are reports suggesting that the FBI is in Ghana to apprehend Nhyiraba Kojo and other individuals named by Hajia4Real.

Source: Kingaziz.com