“Gyae Gyimie Nu” – Arnold Fires Back At Shatta Wale Over Afua Asantewaa Sing-A-Thon Disqualification

The ongoing feud between entertainment critic and panelist Arnold Asamoah Baidoo and dancehall sensation Shatta Wale has intensified recently, with both parties exchanging barbs on their social media platforms.

The tension escalated after Arnold commented on the disqualification of Afua Asantewaa from the Guinness World Record sing-a-thon attempt.

During his appearance as an entertainment pundit on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review program, Arnold criticized Afua for concealing her result when contacted by the Guinness World Record officials. He argued that despite the support she received from various businesses, who saw her as a potential winner, Afua’s decision to hide her result could have jeopardized her chances and affected her professional relationships.

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Arnold emphasized that by hiding the result, Afua risked damaging her reputation and potentially losing valuable business opportunities. He asserted that businesses would view her actions as dishonest, thereby tarnishing her image and diminishing her prospects in the industry.

“It would have been best to just come out and speak the truth because no brand would want to work with a dishonest person. Thus, it is untrue to say that she got the news while getting ready to host a show,” Arnold said.

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Arnold further commented, “The narratives continue to paint you as dishonest and untruthful. This will greatly harm your brand. Unless her management can control that narrative, let’s wait and see.”

In response, Shatta Wale derided Arnold as a fool who arrogates himself as the sole authority on radio and television, belittling his insights.

Shatta Wale accused Arnold of attempting to tarnish the reputation of the internet sensation, insinuating that Arnold’s motive is to leave her destitute.

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Arnold swiftly countered Shatta Wale’s remarks, branding him a fool in return. He criticized Shatta Wale for consistently seeking attention through negativity.

Arnold mentioned that despite having penned several positive articles about Shatta Wale, they seemed unnoticed, while any negative critique draws the musician’s immediate response.


Source: Kingaziz.com