Hilary Mantel Husband: Who Is Gerald McEwen?

The award-winning writer, Hilary Mantel was born on 6 July 1952 to Margaret Foster and Henry Thompson in Glossop.
She was the eldest of three children who grew up in a factory town called Hadfield.

With her parents being Catholics, she began her primary education at St Charles Roman Catholic Primary School before going to Harrytown Convent School when her parents separate; she was eleven.

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Hilary Mantel
Hilary Mantel

Mantel enrolled at the University of Sheffield to read and promptly graduated with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence.

Hilary’s first job after school was with a geriatric hospital’s social work department then as a sales assistant at a department store.
Mantel published her first novel; Every Day is Mother’s Day in 1985.

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Hilary Mantel Husband: Who Is Gerald McEwen?

Gerald McEwen was the husband of the late British writer Hilary Mantel.
They married twice. The first time was from 1973 to 1981 then remarried in 1982.

McEwan was a trained and professional geologist who resigned his work to focus on working as his wife’s business manager.
The couple traveled around the world from Bostwana to Saudia Arabia.

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Gerald and Hilary were unable to have children of their own because Hilary suffered a severe form of endometriosis which led to her having surgical menopause, rendering her incapable of bearing children.

Gerald had always stood by her.


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