Hilary Mantel

Hilary Mantel Parents: Henry Thompson, Margaret Thompson

Growing up in the factory town of Hadfield, Hilary Thompson who would later become known as Hilary Mantel, was the oldest of the three Thompson siblings.

Born on 6 July 1952 in Glossop, Derbyshire, England, Hilary, and her siblings had a catholic upbringing.
Her educational foundation was laid at a Catholic school called St Charles Roman Catholic Primary School.

Hilary Mantel
Hilary Mantel

Mantel began her tertiary education at the London School of Economics to read law but transferred to the University of Sheffield where she graduated with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence.

Mantel became an accomplished writer, essayist, and critic after the publication of her maiden novel, Every Day is Mother’s Day in 1985.
She has written twelve more novels and several articles.

She married Gerald McEwan, a geologist in 1973 and moved with him to live in Bostwana for half a decade and then to Saudia Arabia.

Mantel the Booker Prize and the Walter Scot Prize twice each.

Hilary Mantel Parents: Henry Thompson, Margaret Thompson

Henry Thompson and Margaret Thompson are the parents of Hilary Mantel.
Henry and Margaret were both of Irish descent and staunched Catholics.

They had three children with Hilary being their first child. When she turned 11, they separated.

Margaret moved in with a man called Jack Mantel who became a stepfather to Hilary and her siblings.
Margaret gave the name of her new husband to her children.