How Many Years Was Radonda Vaught Sentenced? Which Prison Will Radonda Vaught Go?

The effects of medical negligence or error can have devastating consequences on both a patient and  medical personnel.

Such is the case of a former nurse in Tennessee called Radonda Vaught who has been convicted on felony charges for injecting a patient with incorrect drug which has led to the death of the said patient.

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RaDonda Vaught
RaDonda Vaught (Photo: FOX 17 News)

Radonda worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, and had faced up to 8 years of imprisonment, if convicted of fatally injecting a patient named Charlene Murphy with a wrong dose of medication.

During the court proceedings, Radonda was very remorseful of her actions and seen to be visibly shaking.

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She apologized to the family of the deceased for her role in the death of their loved one.

How Many Years Was Radonda Vaught Sentenced?

The Judge sitting on the case sentenced Radonda to a three-year probation.

Which Prison Will Radonda Vaught Go?

Radondo will not serve a prison sentence. She was instead sentenced to probation and will have her conviction expunged when she completes the probation.

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