Peter Doocy and Hillary Vaughn

Who Is Peter Doocy’s Wife Hillary Vaughn?

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Peter James Doocy is a 34-year-old White House correspondent for Fox network, who was born on 21 July 1987.

His father, Steve Doocy, is a co-host of Fox & Friends. Peter has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Villanova University.

He worked an intern with Fox News whiles in college as a reporter. After leaving college, Peter was employed by Fox News where it was based in New York and Chicago before moving to Washington, D.C.

He is married to a fellow journalist, with whom he is yet to have a child.

Peter Doocy
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Who Is Peter Doocy’s Wife Hillary Vaughn?

Hillary Vaughn is an American journalist and television host who works with Fox News.

She and her husband Peter Doocy got married in April 2021. She doesn’t have any child with her husband.

Hillary Vaughn
Credit: Twitter

Although it is reported that Vaughn was born in Washington, D.C it is publicly known who her parents are.