How Much Is Mario Batali Being Sued For?

Mario Francesco Batali is a 61-year-old American chef, who co-owned restaurants in parts of American and Singapore. He was born on 19 September 1960 in Seattle, Washington to Marilyn and Armandino Batali.

Whiles working as a cook at Stuff Yer Face, he attended Rutgers University in New Jersey.

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Batali is married to Susi Cahn. The couple who got married in 1994 has been blessed with two sons.

Mario Batali
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They founded the Mario Batali Foundation, which supports numerous children’s educational programs and pediatric disease research.

Mario Batali also served as an Ambassador and on the board of Directors for a non-profit organization which serves daily food to students in Soweto, South Africa called The Lunchbox Fund.

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There have been several sexual misconduct allegations leveled against Mario Batali over the years.

How Much Is Mario Batali Being Sued For?

The American woman who accused Mario Batali of indecent sexual assault and battery was seeking $50,000.00 in damages.

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Mr. Batali has however been acquitted of the sexual misconduct charges.