“I Never Believed Cecilia Marfo’s Prophecy Because She Did Not Apply Wisdom” – Joyce Blessing Finally Reacts To Mic-Snatching Incident

Gospel musician Joyce Blessing says she never believed the prophecy as declared by Cecilia Marfo after her mic was snatched in that infamous video.

Cecilia Marfo snatched Joyce Blessings’ microphone at a concert and went on to direct the gospel artiste to go back to her husband under the supposed inducement of the Holy Spirit.

This incident took place during Unity Group of Companies’ annual thanksgiving service on January 22, 2021. Shortly after this, the video went viral on social media, and it was certainly an embarrassing moment for Joyce Blessing.

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But reacting to the entire incident which happened way back in January, Joyce Blessing said she did not put any premium on the prophecy that was relayed by Cecilia Marfo after her mic was snatched.

In a Hitz FM interview, Joyce Blessing said Cecilia Marfo failed to apply wisdom, and the way she snatched her microphone clearly did not give her any further reasons to accept and believe the prophecy she gave about her.

Sometimes when God tells you something you have to apply wisdom… a pastor would have told me privately. We hear prophecies many times… You don’t do it when the people are going through trauma.

“I didn’t believe the prophecy. God walks with us all the time and He walks with me too. It’s not because of who she is… It’s about where she said it and how she said it… people talk about my marriage but I never said anything about it. God can talk to me too.

Nevertheless, Joyce Blessing added that Cecilia Marfo called her the following day to apologize to her after having perused her instinctive action.

When people are in difficult times, you call the person in private… you don’t do it to trend. She told me that she is sorry and she didn’t know it will go that way. She called me the following day together with her husband.” she added.

Source: Kingaziz.com