Iris Apfel Parents: Meet Samuel Barrel and Sadye Barrel

Learn more about Iris Apfel’s parents as we explore the family background of the American fashion icon and actress who passed away at the age of 102.

Known as the “geriatric starlet,” Iris Apfel was recognizable for her distinctive cropped white hair, oversized glasses, vibrant lipstick, and bold, chunky beads.

While she reached the height of her fame during the 1980s and 90s, Apfel remained a fixture at Paris fashion shows for over fifty years. Her clientele included notable figures such as Greta Garbo and Estée Lauder.

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Originally trained in art history, Apfel specialized in interior design, particularly focusing on textiles. She spent decades working in interior design, contributing to restoration projects at the White House among other endeavors. It wasn’t until her 80s that she emerged as a trendsetter and later transitioned into a professional model at the impressive age of 97.

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Iris Apfel Parents: Meet Samuel Barrel and Sadye Barrel

Iris Barrel, later known as Iris Apfel, was born on August 29, 1921, in Astoria, Queens, New York City, to her parents Samuel Barrel and Sadye Barrel.

She was the only child of Samuel Barrel (1897–1967), whose family was in the glass and mirror business, and his wife Sadye Barrel (1898–1998), a Russian immigrant who owned a fashion boutique. Both of Iris’s parents were Jewish.

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Despite being raised on a farm by her parents and grandparents, Iris frequently ventured into Manhattan, particularly Greenwich Village, via subway, where she developed a fondness for the area. Even as a child, she explored the neighborhood’s antique shops, igniting her passion for collecting jewelry from various cultures around the world.