It’s A Lie for A Pastor To Tell You That Your Troubles Are Over – Majid Michel

Veteran Ghanaian actor now turned clergyman, Majid Michel has revealed that no man can live on the surface of the earth without facing some challenges.

It has been the narrative here in Ghana since the beginning of the 21st century for so-called Ghanaian prophets to allegedly deliver their congregants and followers and promise them that all their problems are over.

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Majid Michel

Speaking during an interview on TV XYZ, the thespian explained that the troubles of man on earth only end after one dies.

“Pastors should stop telling their congregations that their troubles are over. That’s a lie, your trouble will only be over when you die,” he said.

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Even though people are bound to face struggles till their demise, most Ghanaians will rather follow these false preachers in the name of putting an end to their problems. Usually, this chase ends up putting unsuspecting congregants in an uncomfortable position where they end up losing their harsd-earned money.

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