Only Lazy Christians Depend On Their Spiritual Fathers – Yvonne Nelson

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, model and activist, Yvonne Nelson has opined that only lazy Christians who want shortcuts to success depend on their spiritual fathers.

It has become a norm in the Ghanaian society for so-called Christians to pay their so-called spiritual fathers to pray and fast on their behalf.

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Sharing her opinion, Yvonne Nelson explained that she sees such people as lazy as they can equally pray and communicate to God themselves without going through these self-acclaimed men of God.

“You can pray and read the word, no need o rely solely on spiritual fathers to pray on your behalf. People pay pastors to pray for them and I feel it’s laziness because you can do all those for yourself as a child of God.”

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She added that for some time now, Ghanaian men of God have turned the church into a business avenue to cash in rather than worship God resulting in countless doom prophecies to get people to pay them thousands if not millions for their intervention.

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