It’s Your Father’s Duty To Take Care Of You, Not Your Boyfriend, Go And Work – Blessing Okoro Slams Women

Blessing Okoro has slammed women in a new video by telling them to go and work and stop depending on their boyfriends because it’s their father’s duty to take care of them.

According to the relationship therapist, it’s not acceptable for a woman to expect her man to take care of her when they are yet not married.

Okoro argued that a woman is supposed to take care of herself if her father can’t send her money, and not the man she’s dating.

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Adding that a man is only responsible to send money or take care of a woman only when they are married.

Hide Your Boyfriend If You Want To Find A Real Husband – Blessing Okoro Advises Women

Blessing Okoro has revealed guidelines for women seeking to find their true husbands.

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It’s becoming common for those in new relationships to post photos of their spouse on social media, but Blessing Okoro believes that it isn’t right.

Blessing Okoro

While many people take pleasure in showing off their relationships, the relationship coach has revealed in a new post on social media that it could slow down a woman who’s trying to find a man to be able to settle down with.

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As per her advice, women who aren’t married should be careful about their boyfriends until they settle down.

In her most recent post on her Instagram handle, she emphasized her belief that among the rules for women to search for the person who is their love is by hiding their boyfriends.

Hide your boyfriend, so you can find your husband,” she wrote.