Run From Women Always Going To Prayer House – Blessing Okoro Advises Men (Video)

Blessing OkoroBlessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro has advised men in a new video to avoid certain types of women. According to the self-acclaimed marriage and relationship expert, women who are always from one prayer house to another are not the best for men, as they should avoid them. She stated that such women are not spiritual, Godly, or Christians, … Read more

It’s Your Father’s Duty To Take Care Of You, Not Your Boyfriend, Go And Work – Blessing Okoro Slams Women

Blessing Okoro has slammed women in a new video by telling them to go and work and stop depending on their boyfriends because it’s their father’s duty to take care of them. According to the relationship therapist, it’s not acceptable for a woman to expect her man to take care of her when they are … Read more

Hide Your Boyfriend If You Want To Find A Real Husband – Blessing Okoro Advises

A well-known Nigerian relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has revealed guidelines for women seeking to find their true husbands. It’s becoming common for those in new relationships to post photos of their spouse on social media, but Blessing Okoro believes that it isn’t right. While many people take pleasure in showing off their relationships, the relationship … Read more

“It Is Not Easy To Avoid Sleeping With Men Although My Greatest Fear Is Hellfire” – Blessing Okoro Cries Out (Video)

Blessing Okoro

Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has taken to social media to share insights about love making, otherwise called, s.e.x. Blessing Okoro in a video remarked that s.e.x is the sweetest thing on earth and does not fathom what God put in there and that is why God established marriage as the only avenue where adults can … Read more

‘If Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You, Ask Him What You Did Wrong After Two Days’ – Blessing Okoro Advises (Video)

Blessing Okoro

Self-proclaimed relationship therapist and YouTube content creator, Blessing Okoro has told ladies how to deal with a breakup. Sharing her new content on Instagram, Blessing said a lady should never cry and beg her partner to provide a reason for their breakup or even request for a comeback. Essentially, her message was designed for both … Read more

“I Spent Almost 7 Million On My Divorce And 3 Million On Custody Of My Child” – Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro Reveals

Blessing Okoro

Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has revealed that she had to show off some financial muscle before she was able to get through with her divorce. According to the relationship expert, getting a divorce is not a poor man business considering the amount of money she poured in the whole process. She responded to a statement … Read more