I’ve K!lled More Than 200 People In The US – Ayisha Modi Reveals

Controversial Ghanaian socialite, Ayisha Modi has revealed that she has given relief to over 200 people in the US by euthanasia.

According to the outspoken socialite and unofficial PR officer for the Bhim Nation camp, she works as an Assisted Living Care officer in the US and has contributed to the killing of over 200 people to relieve them of their pain.

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Ayisha Modi

Speaking to popular OAP, Kofi Adoma, Ayisha Modi said that she received training and a license to kill people who wish to die after seeking consent from their families. She explained that she gives lethal injections to her patients to ease their pain till they gradually die.

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She went on to provide evidence to back her claim. She added a picture of one of her many patients who had died from the process.

Just as one would expect, she has received a lot of backlash for her revelation, particularly for revealing the face of her client without the consent of her family.

Source: Kingaziz.com